Its that time of year when the Southbank (Bristol) Arts trail is nearly here. A different venue for me this year and I am happy to be exhibiting my frames and canvas at El Rincon Spanish Bar (number 5 on the trail)

I will be selling additional artwork at the venue on the 12th and 13th May and artwork will be at El Rincon for the month of May should you not be able to attend over the Trail weekend.

Any further information required on purchasing any photos then please do not hesitate to contact me.

A new venture of photography with “Made by Yasmin” handmade luxury soy candles. This type of photography is a new line for me and I am finding the experience very rewarding from the initial consideration of the type of photograph required, the setting up the shoot and to seeing the finished product.

Have a look at other photographers work, whether they are established or local and consider what their art can bring to your own work, perhaps you need to look at composition, how is your framing? how do you want your final picture to look? always ask questions.

As a mostly self taught photographer, I am a sponge for learning  and will read and re -visit books to go over sometimes the basics to see if there is something that I have missed or just to satisfy myself that I have it right in my mind. Although I am a believer of just getting out there and taking photos and see what happens. I can go over the technical stuff after and make notes and learn this way as well. In this digital age, unless you are using a film camera, which I have stated to use again, if you are not happy with the results, delete and start again!.

So go out and have fun with your camera and enjoy the art that you take.

Happy to be part of the Southbank (Bristol )Arts Trail for the second year and my frames are displayed at the Tobacco Factory. I will be selling additional artwork at the venue on the 13th and 14th May.

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